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Administrative Body 

Role of Watermaster Services

Watermaster services are managed by the Administrative Body or WRD in accordance with the Amended Judgments, respectively. The Administrative Body is responsible for collecting monthly groundwater pumping. For example, once a month, every groundwater pumper reports its extractions to the Watermaster. This makes it possible to maintain updated water rights accounting of the Basin. Specifically, by computing the amount pumped during the previous month, the amount pumped during the current fiscal year, and the amount that can legally be pumped during the remainder of the year. Furthermore, water right sales and leases, storage, and carry-over conversions are tracked and considered as part of each pumper’s accounting. A water production summary report is produced and sent to each pumper once a month.

In addition, the Administrative Body drafts an annual report for each basin summarizing water rights accounting for each respective administrative year, including groundwater extractions and storage, information regarding change of water rights ownership, water augmentation projects, if any, and other related matters. The Administrative Body is also responsible for keeping track of any storage projects, developing an annual budget and implementing rules to ensure that duties are carried out under the provisions of the Amended Judgments, respectively.

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