Press Releases

2022 Press Releases

PDF icon Water Replenishment District Breaks Ground on Drought Resiliency Project; May 6, 2022

PDF icon WRD Recognizes World Water Day; March 22, 2022

PDF icon WRD Celebrates Groundwater Awareness Week; March 11, 2022

PDF icon Joy Langford Appointed to WRD Board of Directors; February 4, 2022

PDF icon PepsiCo Grants Water Replenishment District $1.5 Million for Groundwater Replenishment Project

2021 Press Releases

PDF icon  WRD Mourns the Passing of Director Willard H. Murray, Jr.; December 21, 2021

PDF icon New Treatment Project Provides Clean Water to Maywood; November 24, 2021

PDF icon Water Replenishment District Board of Directors Appoints New General Manager; June 17, 2021

PDF icon Water Replenishment District Awarded $6 Million Grant from United States Bureau of Reclamation; June 2, 2021

PDF icon Water Replenishment District and LA/OC Building Trades Council Sign Project Labor Agreement; May 24, 2021

PDF icon WRD's Albert Robles Center Shortlisted for Global Water Recognition; May 4, 2021

PDF icon Water Replenishment District General Manager Retires After 30-Year Career; March 1, 2021

PDF icon WRD Receives $1.59 Million Reimbursement for Construction of Maywood Mutual Water Company #2 Wellhead Treatment Facility; February 9, 2021

PDF icon WRD Board of Directors Name Willard H. Murray Jr. Board President Emeritus; January 28, 2021

2020 Press Releases

PDF iconWRD Board Votes to Save Over $1,000,000 During Covid-19 Crisis; October 8, 2020

PDF icon WRD Receives Groundwater Resources Association Kevin J. Neese Award; September 29, 2020

PDF icon  WRD and WBMWD Launch Virtual Career Day Series; September 24, 2020

PDF icon WRD's ARC Certified LEED Platinum; August 6, 2020

PDF icon WRD Embarks on Project to Install Monitoring Wells; August 5, 2020

PDF icon Walnut Park Water Receives Grant for Water Efficiency Project; July 16, 2020

PDF icon WRD Receives Grant to Prevent Water Contamination; June 26, 2020

PDF icon WRD Board Votes to Support Invest in America Act; June 19, 20

PDF icon WRD Board of Directors Adopts Diversity in Business Resolution; May, 20 2020

PDF icon WRD Receives $4.1 million grant for Albert Robles Center; May 13, 2020

PDF icon WRD Particpates in Congressional Roundtable; March 6, 2020

PDF icon WRD's Albert Robles Center Reaches New Milestone; February 24, 2020

PDF icon Congresswoman Napolitano Visits ARC; January 22, 2020

PDF icon DeWitt Picked to Head WRD Board of Directors; January 16, 2020

2019 Press Releases

Governor Newsom Signs Bill to Protect California's Drinking Water; October 3, 2019

WRD's CAO Inducted as Director Emeritus of GRAC; September 18, 2019

WRD's ARC Grand Opening; August 22, 2019

WRD Award for Public Communication; June 10, 2019

WRD's 12th Annual Groundwater Festival Highlights; May 9, 2019

WRD named Large Recycled Water Agency of the Year; March 19, 2019

Mayor Garcetti, WRD, and LADWP Enter into Agreement; February 26, 2019

2017 Press Releases

Fitch Credit Rating; November 2, 2017

WRD 1 Year Countdown; October 30, 2017

WEF Public Communication and Outreach Award; October 05, 2017

2016 Press Releases

WRD Board of Directors Secures $95 Million Funding Agreement With State Water Board; October 14, 2016

WRD Approves Landmark Master Plan to Expand Groundwater Supplies; October 6, 2016

Construction Begins on the Groundwater Reliability Project; September 21, 2016

WRD Named Customer of the Year; September 13, 2016

GRIP Approved by Pico Rivera Planning Commission; July 19, 2016

WRD Elects New Officers; June 30, 2016

WRD Maintains Affordable Rates Amidst Drought; June 29, 2016

GRIP Earns Design Award of Merit; June 26, 2017

WRD Elects New Board Officers; February 22, 2016