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Replenishment Assessment

In an effort to increase the District’s financial transparency and public accountability, the Water Replenishment District is making current and past replenishment assessments available.

Fiscal YearRate per acre footResolution
FY 2023-24$423Resolution No. 23-1204
FY 2022-23$411Resolution No. 22-1177
FY 2021-22$394Resolution No. 21-1153
FY 2020-21$382Resolution No. 20-1130
FY 2019-20$365Resolution No. 19-1102
FY 2018-19$339Resolution No. 18-1076
FY 2017-18$318Resolution No. 17-1053
FY 2016-17$297Resolution No. 16-1032
FY 2015-16$283Resolution No. 15-1004
FY 2014-15$268Resolution No. 14-981