About the Albert Robles Center (formerly known as GRIP)


The WRD Board of Directors established the Water Independence Now (WIN) initiative in 2003 to end the District's reliance on imported water for groundwater replenishment. WIN is comprised of a suite of projects including expansions of existing water treatment facilities, spreading operations, and stormwater capture facilities.

WIN's cornerstone project is the Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling & Environmental Learning  (ARC). This project eliminates WRD's need to purchase imported water from Northern California and the Colorado River by creating a locally sustainable water supply.

The Albert Robles Center purifies approximately 10,000 acre feet (3.25 billion gallons) of tertiary treated (recycled) water annually to near-distilled levels through an advanced water treatment facility. Together, with another 11,000 acre feet (3.6 billion gallons) of recycled water, WRD delivers 21,000 acre feet of recycled water to the San Gabriel Coastal Spreading Grounds where it percolates into the Central Groundwater Basin.

The Albert Robles Center is a 5.2 acre facility in the City of Pico Rivera, adjacent to the San Gabriel River, allowing for direct delivery of purified recycled water to an existing pipeline leading into the spreading grounds.


Info on the ARC facility can be found here: PDF icon ARC Information Brochure 

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Water Treatment Process
The Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning produces 14.8 MGD of advanced treated recycled water through Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis & UV/AOP Disinfection. Learn more about the ARC treatment process by following the water molecule below.


Water Treatment Updated

ARC's 3-stage treatment process includes ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet with advanced oxidation disinfection resulting in highly purified water.

The Albert Robles Center is home to over 40 water related exhibits.

Visitors to WRD’s state-of-the-art Learning Center will learn about water resources, water usage in your home, groundwater, the water cycle and much more! All our exhibits are digital and fully bilingual.

WRD is proud to host student field trips including virtual workshops for schools in our vast service area. For more information please contact Monica Sijder at

Download our informational flyer: PDF icon ARC Education Program Flyer


Sustainable Features
ARC was built with sustainability in mind and is LEED Platinum Certified for efficiencies in energy, water, and waste.

By building the Albert Robles Center's Administration and Learning Center to meet the highest level of national standards set by the United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process, WRD hopes to inspire future environmental stewards by leading through example. To take advantage of the educational value of a LEED Certified building, WRD has developed an educational program which highlights the various building efficiencies and sustainable systems that lower its carbon footprint and create a healthier exprience for all who visit or work there.

Sustainable Features at ARC: Drought-tolerant rooftop garden, butterfly garden, bioswales, EV charging stations, permeable pavement, and a working model of the San Gabriel River.