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Safe Drinking Water and DAC Outreach Programs

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The WRD Safe Drinking Water Program (SDWP) was established in 1991 with the goal of developing innovative and low-cost solutions to remediate and repair groundwater wells in southern Los Angeles County. Through the SDWP program, WRD collaborates with water providers to remediate wells affected by substances that may impact the quality or appearance of tap water. The goal of the SDWP is to promote the cleanup of groundwater resources at a low cost. This ensures the four million people in WRD’s service area have access to high-quality groundwater and an affordable rate.

The program is critical to preventing the unnecessary closure of wells and ensures continued access to a local supply of water. Since 1991, over twenty wellhead treatment projects have been complete. These projects also increased the local water supply by 16,900 acre-feet annually, or approximately 5.5 billion gallons each year. WRD was able to reach this success through grants and low-cost financing options for water providers.

Program Highlights: 

  • Promotes the cleanup of groundwater resources at specific well locations
  • Unwanted substances are removed from groundwater using wellhead treatment facilities
  • Projects are completed in collaboration with well owners
  • WRD's Safe Drinking Water Program has operated since 1991 and has remediated over 20 groundwater wells


Program Benefits:

  • Provides financial assistance to local groundwater users
  • Increases groundwater quality by decreasing the spread of unwanted substances
  • Increases use of local water resources over imported water


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The Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Outreach Program was developed to supplement the Safe Drinking Water Program and bridge financial gaps where resources may not be available. This program helps small water suppliers that serve economically disadvantaged communities to find funding they need to address drinking water problems. 

Too often, small water operators are not able to apply for state funding because of a lack of the specialized skill set that is required to submit a successful application. WRD’s DAC program works with small water systems in the pursuit of grants that improve water quality. WRD oversees all aspects of the application, works directly with funding agencies to ensure a seamless process, and provides necessary support to implement the project.

WRD enlisted the assistance of Maria Kennedy with Kennedy Communications, a woman-and-minority-owned consulting business, to successfully acquire funding for DAC projects. Most recently, WRD celebrated the completion of the Maywood Mutual Water Company No. 2 well system remediation project. Approximately $2.7 million was secured to improve the water system and ensure residents of Maywood receive high-quality and affordable water in their taps. This is the first of many projects that will protect the water supply for residents serviced by DAC water systems. WRD is committed to strengthening small water systems and providing the region with high-quality and affordable drinking water. 

Program Highlights:

  • WRD provides funding or assistance in applying for funding from various sources
  • District staff lend engineering and technical support during technical analyses required for applications
  • WRD oversees all aspects of the application submittal process and works directly with funding agencies to ensure a seamless project completion



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