Technical Bulletin

Beginning with Volume 1, published in 2004, WRD's exclusive Technical Bulletin has become a very popular periodical to both groundwater practitioners and the general public alike. Technical Bulletins have been produced to provide useful information on the groundwater resources of the Central and West Coast Basins, presenting original content on a variety of topics including an introduction to the hydrogeology of the basins, seawater intrusion, managed aquifer recharge, computer modeling, well drilling, water quality, and replenishment facts.

The last release of a Technical Bulletin occurred in 2013. As WRD’s team of groundwater scientists and engineers collect more data and produce new findings, additional Technical Bulletins may be prepared to share this information with our interested stakeholders. We welcome your comments regarding the Technical Bulletin, suggestions for future topics, or requests for permission to reuse Technical Bulletin content.

WRD Technical Bulletins