WRD Robert W. Goldsworthy Desalter

The production well and desalting facility are located within the City of Torrance (City), and the product water is delivered for potable use to the City’s distribution system.

The Goldsworthy Desalter works through reverse osmosis treatment. Salty water extracted from the aquifer is forced through reverse-osmosis (RO) membranes and the salt is removed from the water. After the water passes through the membranes, the pH is adjusted and the water is disinfected. Once treated, the water is of very high quality and exceeds all federal and state drinking water standards. The City is responsible for operation and maintenance of the treatment plant under contract with WRD.

The District is completed an expansion of the Goldsworthy Desalter facility that increased the treatment capacity to 4,800 AFY with the addition of two new source water wells, associated conveyance pipelines and pump stations.