LVL facility

WRD Leo J. Vander Lans AWTF

The state-of-the-art facility receives tertiary-treated water from the Sanitation Districts and provides a multi-barrier treatment through a process train that includes microfiltration (MF), reverse-osmosis (RO), and ultraviolet light (UV). The facility was built in 2003 and subsequently expanded in late 2014. The expansion increased the facility’s capacity from 3 million gallons per day to 8 million gallons per day, providing up to 100% of the demand for the seawater barrier.

The 2014 facility expansion added unique treatment process enhancements to reduce the facility’s waste generations. The process enhancements include (1) a third-stage RO to increase recovery from the original 85% to 92.5%; and (2) a MF backwash waste treatment system that recovers approximately 95% of the backwash waste stream through dissolve air flotation (DAF) treatment and a follow-up polishing MF. With these process enhancements, the facility has been expanded to almost triple the production capacity without any increases in waste generations.