What is WIN?

More than a decade ago, the Water Replenishment District (WRD) set out on a monumental mission - to create a resilient and locally sustainable source of water for groundwater replenishment. The semi-arid climate of WRD's service area, which covers the southern half of Los Angeles County, is populated by more than four million residents, and groundwater accounts for nearly 50% of the region's drinking water demand. This demand for fresh water vastly exceeds nature's ability to replenish these groundwater basins on its own.

In 2003, WRD's Board of Directors began the Water Independence Now (WIN) program to protect the security of the region’s groundwater supplies. WIN is not a single program or project, rather WIN is a suite of projects aimed at maximizing local stormwater and recycled water resources to replenish, preserve and protect two of the most utilized urban groundwater basins in the nation. Historically, a large percentage of imported water was used to replenish groundwater basins in the WRD service area. However, with the completion of WRD's Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning, WRD completed the WIN program and greatly reduced the strain on water imported from the Bay Delta and Colorado River.

Key WIN Projects include:

WRD's Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning

GRIP Turnout Structures

The Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility Expansion

The Whittier Narrows Conservation Pool Enhancements