Sergio Calderon

Division Four

Elected to the Division 4 of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California in November of 2006, Director Calderon is now serving his fourth term. 

Director Calderon attended Heliotrope Elementary School, Nimitz Jr. High School, Bell High School, East Los Angeles and Cerritos College, Cal State Long Beach and completed his Teacher Credential coursework at the University of San Diego.
A strong supporter of WRD’s Water Independence Now Program (WIN), Director Calderon believes that through sound stewardship and innovative measures the region can grow to be independent from imported water for basin recharge.

Director Calderon works for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Adult and Career Education and Teachers in Adult Schools and has been a vocal proponent of providing educational support services to young adults to enable them to pursue successful career paths. 

Director Calderon is also a member of the California Council for Adult Education, Huntington Park/Bell Adult Leadership Advisory Board, and LADWP Association.

Director Calderon currently serves as Vice President of the WRD Board of Directors and represents the following cities:

Division Four