Regional Brackish Water Reclamation Program

A regional effort to create a new potable water supply and expand groundwater storage capacity through brackish groundwater desalination

WRD's Regional Brackish Water Reclamation Program will create a new drinking water supply in Southern Los Angeles County by treating salty groundwater with state-of-the-art technology.

Program Details:
  • Collaborative stakeholder approach optimizes the use of available local water resources in the region
  • Will provide up to 20,000 acre-feet each year of fresh, drinking-quality water to local water customers (over 18 million gallons each day)
  • Removal of salty groundwater will create available groundwater storage capacity for excess local fress water and recycled water. 
  • Local water providers will be able to store surplus water for use during dry years.
Program Benefits:
  • Increases local sustainability & resiliency
  • Protects groundwater quality for the future
  • Helps to alleviate drought impacts
  • Assist local agencies in meeting long-term water supply needs