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Jun 18 2019 - 8:56am
... Department said the spill had been contained by the time firefighters arrived and no chemicals were released into the atmosphere or groundwater. Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:45am
The product was quickly contained and no product was released into the atmosphere or groundwater. Four to five patients were taken to the hospital. Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:11am
When you drop your plastic waste into the recycling bin, it most likely makes its way ... a credit-card-size amount of plastic every week from our drinking water. ... Last year, about 68,000 shipping containers' worth of plastic recycling ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:11am
A green darner dragonfly buzzes over the waters emanating from the base of the knobs in the Cedar Grove wildlife corridor. Above the spring, a ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:11am
10 years ago this week — 2009. When the 88-year-old son of a lumber baron died following a fall in 2005, he left a gift to North Coast conservation ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:00am
Owosso lifts water conservation request early ... because the filtration plant had to shut down one of two water softening treatment clarifiers for repairs. Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 8:00am
Richard Roth, a Democrat from Riverside, is a narrower effort to protect groundwater and precious, life-giving springs in the Mojave Desert from ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 7:37am
In 2019, Coca-Cola will use approximately 60,000 tonnes (66,139 tons) of recycled plastic in these markets, removing the equivalent amount of virgin ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 7:26am
Laws governing water use are inconsistent between surface and groundwater, groundwater law allows landowners control over pumping irrespective ... Read More

Jun 18 2019 - 7:15am
Thanks to a massive effort by city officials to enforce water conservation—including tariffs, heavy restrictions, and a new water pressure system, plus ... Read More