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Jul 3 2019 - 10:26am
“The more materials to be separated in the absorbent article recycling ... steam and disposing of the human waste in waste water treatment plants, one ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 10:26am
Bullitt's potable-water treatment plant is the heart of the Bullitt water district. ... a certified water treatment specialist for Water & Wastewater Services. Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 10:26am
... she worked for the City of Watsonville for 27 years in Public Works & Utilities educating the community in saving water, recycling and less toxic home ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 9:52am
Groundwater Injection: Wastewater can receive advanced treatment and be used to augment groundwater supplies. Data collection is required to ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 9:29am
In March, Duke Energy announced it will need to create a corrective action plan for its coal ash ponds in Indiana after mandatory groundwater testing ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 9:18am
... desilt Periyakulam tank in Sivakasi with funds mobilised among themselves with an aim to bring water to the huge tank and recharge groundwater in ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 9:07am
EPA will further assess options for addressing the sediment and groundwater after the completion of the soil cleanup. The estimated cost of the ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 8:45am
Fields are registered on a first-come, first-serve basis at their local Soil and Water Conservation District or Farm Service Agency office. “Due to a high ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 8:33am
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — A Washington state congressman says a federal study that blamed dairies for groundwater contamination was flawed and ... Read More

Jul 3 2019 - 8:00am
Last week, the Board of Supervisors approved an application for a grant from the National Park Service's Land and Water Conservation Fund for ... Read More