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Aug 16 2019 - 10:26am
Even as companies like Coca-Cola continue to evolve their packaging and enter the self-serve water machine business, the U.S. recycling industry ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 10:15am
STAMFORD — Fewer than 30 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States. The maker of one of the most-popular bottled-water brands ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 10:03am
External 2020 appropriation requests: Soil and Water Conservation, Douglas County Historical Society, Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 9:41am
The foundation will develop awareness and sensitisation activities about water conservation, rejuvenation of traditional water bodies, and mass ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 9:30am
... $2.72 for each of the first 200-cubic-feet of water used and a volume charge ... the city recycling center as the only recycling drop off in Warrensburg. Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 9:17am
In this report, the Global Water Recycling System market is valued at USD XX million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 8:56am
Haas, who is a leading researcher in the link between water management ... energy-conserving features, and water conservation features should be ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 8:45am
In southern Spain, a medieval Arab technique has been brought back to life to help preserve and manage water. Aljibe, or Al Jobb, a borrowed word ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 8:45am
A water-recycling plant in the basement recycles water and reuses it ... In addition to just looking pretty, the green roof reduces storm-water runoff into ... Read More

Aug 16 2019 - 8:22am
The more trash you recycle, the less goes into your landfill, your water and your planet. A mix of state and local representatives gathered at the Lamar ... Read More