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Jan 17 2020 - 10:00am
The Ohio Department of Agriculture is working with local Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative to host ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 9:37am
A new oyster shell recycling program kicked off in Santa Rosa County at the start of the new year, mimicking ... only does it restore local ecosystem habitats, which helps filter out pollutants from the water and provides home for fish ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 9:15am
Two rural Tulare County towns will be the testing ground for a cutting-edge technology that could revolutionize the treatment of groundwater tainted ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 8:52am
Among agencies having their budget hearings before JFAC this morning are the Department of Environmental Quality, the Soil & Water Conservation ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 8:41am
... of Natural Resources also has expressed concerns about the plant's impacts, including erosion, wetland loss and groundwater depletion. Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 8:30am
In November, the Colorado Division of Water Resources filed a motion to intervene in the Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District's application for a ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 8:18am
Some water treatment plants can remove some but not all PFAS. As Great Lakes Now reports, the chemicals have been detected in an increasing ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 8:18am
Mower Soil & Water Conservation District again is organizing “Cover Crops 101” sessions for the public at Riverland Community College's west ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 7:33am
First and foremost is to practice conservation of our most precious natural resource, water. Just as with “drought”, anyone can Google “conservation” ... Read More

Jan 17 2020 - 7:33am
Fort Bliss, U.S. Army: Take a holistic and integrated approach to enhance the resilience posture of Fort Bliss, coupling energy and water conservation ... Read More