Submission Page - Student Art Contest

Water is Life!

The Water Replenishment District needs your creativity to spread the word on water in our 2021 art calendar.
Student artists in grades K-6 from the WRD service area are eligible to enter this year's contest.

If you haven't already, view and print the Student Art Contest Flyer and Parental Approval Form. (En español aqui.)

The deadline for kindergarten through sixth grade students to enter their artwork is Friday, November 6, 2020. Any selected winners who submitted their entries using this online form will be required to send their original artwork to WRD by December 4 to qualify for their prize.

Topic Options Include:
#1 Groundwater: The Treasure Beneath Our Feet
#2 Water Nerds are Water Heroes
#3 Saving Water Saves the Planet

To Win, Your Artwork Must:
#1 Demonstrate the importance of groundwater and/or water conservation.
#2 Be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper in horizontal orientation by November 6, 2020 at 11:59pm
#3 Be include parental consent. Mail in entries must include a signed Parental Approval Form. Online entries can use webform for consent.

Submitting Online
Complete the fields below to submit your entry. A parent, teacher, or caregiver can complete the submission on behalf of the student. If you are the parent or legal guardian, you can sign your consent by accepting the consent clause in the last question. If you are not the parent/guardian, you will acknowledge that parental consent will be requested at a later date from all finalists selected by WRD. On the second page of this online submission form, please attach a clear photo of your artwork. You will see a confirmation message at the top of the form page once you hit "submit"

Remember: Upload clear pictures of your Artwork for the best chance at winning.

Thanks for participating and good luck!



Must be in grades K-6.
What is your relationship to the student you are submitting on behalf of?
Email address for person completing the form (parent, guardian, teacher)
Please note that students must reside or attend school in one of the 43 cities in WRD's service area. See for more info. If the student is home-schooled, please put "Home-schooled".
Please share your teacher's email address if you'd like them to be involved.
Please upload your artwork as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or Word Document ** KEEP YOUR ARTWORK UNTIL DEC 2020: Finalists will be contacted and asked to send in their original artwork. You must have your original artwork in order to win.
Optional - If the form filler is not the parent/guardian, they can upload a picture if the signed PAF here. Please upload as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF