Groundwater Protection & Conservation

Don't throw it in the Trash!

If you have household hazardous waste please dispose of it properly. The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works maintains a number of collection facilites. Check out this map to find a center near you.

Avoid using excess pesticides in the yard

Pesticides, detergents, household cleaners and other kinds of common chemicals can leach into groundwater supplies from your yard or storm drain. Make sure to dispose of these materials through locally managed hazardous waste programs.

Properly Dispose Oil and Gasoline

Used motor oil and gasoline should never be dumped in ditches, storm drains or buried in your yard.

Don't Flush Your Pharmaceuticals

Expired or unused drugs can enter our groundwater supplies if flushed into a sewer or septic system.


A moment's carelessness can lead to disaster. Don't let it be you!

Call for more information

Los Angeles County Environmental Hotline
1(888)CLEAN LA

Los Angeles City Residential and Small Business HHW Program

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Los Angeles County Fire Department,
Health Hazardous Materials Division


No Drugs Down The Drain Program

County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

City of Los Angeles Stormwater Hotline

California Environmental Protection Agency

Department of Toxic Substances Control

Los Angeles Regional Drug & Poison Information Center

Hazardous Waste Collection Centers In Los Angeles County

Not all of these facilities are open on a continuous basis. Please check the operating hours before visiting.

View Hazardous Waste Disposal in a larger map
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