The following is a brief summary of the new Watermaster structure in the Central and West Coast Basins, which replaced the Department of Water Resources in that role. The Watermaster now consists of three separate arms with different functions.

  1. The first arm is the Administrative Body, to administer the Watermaster accounting and reporting functions. The Water Replenishment District of Southern California was appointed by the court to fulfill this role.
  2. The second arm is the Water Rights Panel which enforces issues related to the pumping rights within the adjudication. The Water Rights Panel is made up of water rights holders who are selected through election and/or appointment.
  3. The third arm is the Storage Panel which is comprised of the Water Rights Panel and the Water Replenishment District Board of Directors, which together approve certain groundwater storage efforts.

Below you will find links to the Amended Judgements, the Carryover Conversion Request forms, and the Watermaster Reports for both basins.  For any questions or assistance, contact Ted Johnson at, or Esther Valle Rojas at

Central Basin


West Coast Basin