Water Replenishment District History

Our History

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) was formed by a vote of the people in 1959 for the purpose of protecting the groundwater resources of the Central and West Coast groundwater basins in southern Los Angeles County.

Prior to the formation of the District in 1959, over-pumping caused many water wells to go dry and allowed sea water intrusion to contaminate coastal groundwater. WRD protects the basins through groundwater replenishment, deterrence of sea water intrusion, and groundwater quality monitoring of contamination through assessments on water pumped from the WRD service area.

June 1955, AB 2908, the Water Replenishment District Act, was signed by the Governor Goodwin Knight.

Between 1955 and 1959, the Joint Committee on the Water Replenishment District, formed by the West Basin Water Association and the Central Basin Water Associations, worked on the structure of a replenishment district, establishing its boundaries and funding mechanisms.

May 3, 1959, enough signatures were obtained to put the formation of the proposed replenishment district on the ballot.

July 6, 1959, a hearing determined that all properties within the proposed boundaries of the Replenishment District would benefit from the District's formation, and therefore no more changes to the boundaries were permitted. The California Department of Water Resources approved placing the formation question before the voters.

November 17, 1959 was the date set for the special election in the Central and West Coast Basins , and the formation of the replenishment district passed by a 4 to 1 vote. This is the official starting date for the WRD....

The first WRD Board of Directors was sworn in on December 28, 1959.

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